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Our Beginning

"When my first child reached the age of 2 it was very difficult to find a nursery school that fit my needs. 

As a mother, making sure my child developed in a safe and educational environment was my priority. With my background in Education I founded the Les Enfants Montessori School in 1979. It was my goal that we used the Montessori Method, developed by Maria Montessori in 1909, to guide the development of the future generations in the best way I knew how. 

Our school has been providing excellent educational services to the Astoria community since 1980. We believe that the world of tomorrow will be run by those men and women who have the greatest educational opportunities from the youngest of ages. We aspire to give every child the support they need to achieve their maximum potential.

From my family to yours, thank you for choosing Les Enfants Montessori School."

- Mrs. Ester Riveros

Director, Les Enfants

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Our Methods

Our school and its teaching methods are recognized as one of the best in New York! Find out more below.


"We use the 'Montessori Method' to guide your children though the most important phases of early childhood!"

What is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori Method is an educational system that focuses on four areas of a child's educational process: Practical Life, Sensorial , Mathematics, and Language.  

Our Practical Life exercises help to link actions between the classroom and a child's home environment with a focus on understanding the process and complex cycles of activity.

Sensorial stimulation helps to connect children to the world, developing the five senses to make them more aware of their surrounding and expanding their ability to become independent

Mathematics helps to develop the idea of order, precision, and accurate observation, setting the foundation for skills that will help not only in math topics but in the wider context of education. 

Our focus on Language not only deals with improving our student's ability to verbally communicate in English, but lay a baseline for other languages to further develop these skills. Constant practice in conversation and phonetic sounds allow for interconnectedness both at home and in social settings!


Our School's Philosophy

Montessori education provides a safe, nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth of each child!

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